Youn Jue (Eunice) Bae

Assistant Professor



The overarching goal of the Bae group is to understand the interaction between electron spins and excitons, phonons, and magnons in various solid-state materials and use these interactions to dynamically control magnetization.

Research Focus

Research Focus

The Bae group aims to develop an advanced spectroscopic tool combining optical and microwave techniques to investigate spin dynamics in materials with exceptional temporal and spatial resolution.

Our research focuses on two-dimensional (2D) magnetic materials. The specific projects we will undertake are as follows:

1. Creating a 2D magnetic semiconductor-based quantum transducer.

2. Exploration of spin-phonon, magnon, and exciton interactions to dynamically drive magnetic phase transitions.

3. Utilization of symmetry breaking as a design principle to achieve precise spatial and temporal control over magnetic switching.

By employing the spectroscopic tools we have developed, we will delve into the microscopic spin interactions present in solids, such as exchange, dipolar, and spin-orbit interactions. These interactions will be probed through the examination of phonons, magnons, and excitons. As a physical chemist, my particular interest lies in comprehending the chemical bonding and antibonding characteristics that enable specific spin interactions. Furthermore, we will investigate how dimensionality and symmetry breaking influence spin and orbital interactions. Ultimately, the insights gained from our research will enable us to tailor the properties of materials to suit specific applications, including but not limited to quantum transducers, hardware-based neural networks, and magnetic memory devices.


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