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Faculty at the forefront

Across our departments and programs, faculty members are leading their fields in research and teaching on diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility. Our community benefits from their knowledge and expertise.


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Riché Richardson receives literary society award

Africana Studies and Research Center
A&S Communications
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Jason Koski/Cornell University Oliver Lambert '27 has studied the Gayogohó:nǫˀ language since high school.

Coming home: Gayogohó:nǫˀ language programs expand reach

A&S Communications
person teaching American Sign Language to a group in a circle
John Munson/Cornell University Brenda Schertz teaches her students American Sign Language as well as deaf history, education and cultural norms.

New ASL minor, events expand opportunities for students

American Sign Language
A&S Communications
Interior of a grand building with a central desk and arched opening along the sides; book shelves
Andreas Praefcke/Creative Commons license 3.0 Main Reading Room, Library of Congress (Jefferson Building), Washington, D.C.

Faculty Diversity and Equity Committee 

The faculty-elected Diversity and Equity Committee seeks to identify areas in which equity and diversity require specific consideration to bring to the attention of the Dean.

These areas include hiring and retaining a diverse faculty; ensuring continued efforts to maintain an inclusive environment in departments, classrooms and extra-curricular activities; promoting equitable assessments, support and recognition of under-represented minority faculty; ensuring that faculty find relevant information and help on these issues; and that faculty-generated initiatives on diversity and equity get the attention they deserve from different programs and administrative units in the College to implement them. 

Professor Term Discipline

Ananda Cohen-Aponte, Associate Professor, History of Art

07/22 - 06/25


Amiel Bize, Assistant Professor, Anthropology 07/23 - 06/26 Social Sciences
Dan Hirschman, Assistant Professor, Sociology 07/23 - 06/26 Social Sciences

Caroline Levine, David and Kathleen Ryan Professor of Humanities



Kerry Shaw, Professor, Neurobiology and Behavior 07/23 - 06/26 Natural Sciences & Mathematics

Robert Thorne, Professor, Physics

07/22 - 06/25

Natural Sciences & Mathematics

See the faculty resources section of Cornell University's Diversity and Inclusion website for more.